ID Sermon Title Pastor Verse Date AM/PM Download Link
345IntegrityRob Elliott2 Corinthians 1:12 - 2:409/23/2012PMDownload
343Love. Marriage. Sex. Spoken Words Have the Power to Heal MarriagesRob ElliottSong of Solomon 5:9 - 6:1309/16/2012AMDownload
342Preaching PanelNeal Wintermute and Others09/09/2012PMDownload
341What Am I Missing?Neal WintermuteI Corinthians 15:1-809/09/2012AMDownload
340St. Bernards, Cupbearers, and Dust PilesNeal WintermuteEcclesiastes 3:16-2209/02/2012PMDownload
339Love. Marriage. Sex. Bad Night - A FightRob ElliottSong of Solomon 5:2-809/02/2012AMDownload
338The Affliction TriangleRob Elliott2 Corinthians 1:8-1108/26/2012PMDownload
337The Wedding Night Part 2Rob ElliottSong of Solomon 4:10 - 5:108/26/2012AMDownload
336Our Lord's More Than Enough ComfortRob Elliott2 Corinthians 1:1-708/19/2012PMDownload
335Love. Marriage. Sex. The Wedding NightRob ElliottSong of Solomon 4:1 - 5:108/19/2012AMDownload
334Love. Marriage. Sex. Ramping up for the Big WeddingRob ElliottSong of Solomon 3: 6-1108/12/2012AMDownload
333Bible Question and AnswerRob ElliottVarious08/05/2012PMDownload
332Love. Marriage. Sex. The Security of MarriageRob ElliottSong of Solomon 3:1-508/05/2012AMDownload
331Love. Marriage. Sex. Questions Lovers Should Ask Part 2Rob ElliottSong of Solomon 2:10-1707/29/2012AMDownload
330Ecclesiastes 3:1-15Neal WintermuteEcclesiastes 3:1-1507/22/2012PMDownload
329Well if You Think That's What God Wants You to DoNeal WintermuteMark 6:30-5207/22/2012AMDownload
328Love. Marriage. Sex. Questions Lovers Should AskRob ElliottSong of Solomon 2:8-907/15/2012AMDownload
327James 4Pastor BrianJames 407/08/2012PMDownload
326Called to ReconciliationDr. Dennis AshleyII Corinthians 5:11-2107/08/2012AMDownload
325Bible Question and AnswerRob ElliottVarious07/01/2012PMDownload
324Love. Marriage. Sex. Value In / Value Out Part 2Rob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:15 - 2:707/01/2012AMDownload
323What is the Greatest Commandment?Ron BelsterlingMatthew 22 36-3906/24/2012PMDownload
322Good Works are a Good ThingNeal WintermuteTitus 3:1-1506/24/2012AMDownload
321What If I Can't Find It Anywhere?Neal WintermuteEcclesiastes 1:12-2:2606/17/2012PMDownload
320The Difference between No and YesNeal WintermuteTitus 2:11-1506/17/2012AMDownload
319Should I continue to brush my teeth, clean my room, or make our dinner?Neal WintermuteEcclesiastes 1:1-1106/10/2012PMDownload
318Love. Marriage. Sex. Value in / Value outRob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:15-2:706/10/2012AMDownload
317Confessing Sin 101Rob ElliottPsalm 5106/03/2012PMDownload
316Chosen People MinistriesDr. Mitch Glaser06/03/2012AMDownload
315An Evening HymnRob ElliottPsalm 405/27/2012PMDownload
314Love. Marriage. Sex. The Language of Love - Personal & Public PraiseRob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:10-1405/27/2012AMDownload
313Trees & ChaffRob ElliottPsalm 105/20/2012PMDownload
312Go!Rob ElliottJude 24-2505/13/2012PMDownload
309Love. Marriage. Sex. The Language of Love - Private PraiseRob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:905/20/2012AMDownload
307Mothers: Guarantors of Their Children's BestRob Elliott1 Kings 3:16-28 1 Thessalonians 2:7-805/13/2012AMDownload
306Bible Question and AnswerRob ElliottVarious05/06/2012PMDownload
305Love. Marriage. Sex. - Dreaming of a Perfect LoveRob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:7-805/06/2012AMDownload
304Steady!Rob ElliottJude 17-2304/22/2012PMDownload
303Love. Marriage. Sex. God is Not SilentRob ElliottSong of Solomon 1:1-604/22/2012AMDownload
302Romans 10Dick WaltonRomans 10:9-1504/15/2012PMDownload
301Missions UpdateTim Brennan04/15/2012AMDownload
300Easter & The Sign of JonahRob ElliottMatthew 12: 38-4204/08/2012AMDownload
299Good Friday: He Sat DownRob ElliottHebrews 10:11-1404/06/2012PMDownload
298Real Hope for Real People for a Real WorldJoey HancockJoshua 404/01/2012AMDownload
297ReadyRob ElliottJude 5-1603/25/2012PMDownload
296Paul's Pals, Prognosis & PrayerRob ElliottRomans 16: 1-2703/25/2012AMDownload
295Your NameRob ElliottJude 1-403/18/2012PMDownload
294People PlansRob ElliottRomans 15:14-3303/18/2012AMDownload
293RevivalDan Istvanik1 Chronicles 703/11/2012PMDownload
291The Powerful TongueBrian GarverJames 3:1-1803/11/2012AMDownload
290Bible Question and AnswerRob ElliottVarious03/04/2012PMDownload
289Payment. Valley. Jerusalem.Rob ElliottJoel 302/26/2012PMDownload
288Imitating ChristRob ElliottRomans 15:1-1303/04/2012AMDownload
287HinderingRob ElliottRomans 14:13-2302/26/2012AMDownload
286Spiritual Recovery - No Other GodRob ElliottJoel 2:28-3202/19/2012PMDownload
285JudgingRob ElliottRomans 14:1-1202/19/2012AMDownload
284Submit!Rob ElliottRomans 1302/12/2012AMDownload
283Spiritual Recovery - No Other GodRob ElliottJoel 2:15-1702/05/2012PMDownload
282So, You're SavedRob ElliottRomans 12:17-2102/05/2012AMDownload
281Bible Question and AnswerRob ElliottVarious01/29/2012PMDownload
280Overcome Evil with GoodRob ElliottRomans 12:9-1601/29/2012AMDownload
279Torn Hearts - Torn GarmentsRob ElliottJoel 2:1-1401/22/2012PMDownload
278What to do After a SpankingRob ElliottJoel 1:14-2001/15/2012PMDownload
277How Not to Be "Too Big for Your Britches"Rob ElliottRomans 12:3-801/22/2012AMDownload
276A Living Sacrifice Yet?Rob ElliottRomans 12:1-201/15/2012AMDownload
275The Meaning of the LocustsRob ElliottJoel 1:1-1301/08/2012PMDownload
273Planned Temporary RejectionRob ElliottRomans 11:25-3601/08/2012AMDownload
272Highway 2012: Why Study ProphecyRob ElliottSelected Scriptures01/01/2012AMDownload
271Camping & ChristmasRob ElliottJohn 1:1412/25/2011AMDownload
270Christmas EveRob ElliottChristmas12/24/2011AMDownload
2683 Operating Life PrinciplesRob ElliottActs 2812/18/2011PMDownload
267The Anointed SonRob ElliottHebrews 1:5-912/18/2011AMDownload
266Storm TossedRob ElliottActs 2712/11/2011PMDownload
265Angel - WorshippedRob ElliottHebrews 1:3-412/11/2011AMDownload
264Titus 2Neal WintermuteTitus 2: 9-1012/04/2011PMDownload
263Gods Best GiftRob ElliottHebrews 1:1-212/04/2011AMDownload
262Alive for What?Rob ElliottActs 25, 2611/27/2011PMDownload
261Lace 'Em Up, It's Time to RunNeal WintermuteTitus 2:1-1011/27/2011AMDownload
260A Study in RighteousnessRob ElliottActs 2411/20/2011PMDownload
259Thanksgiving & Home, Sweet HomeRob ElliottPsalm 103, 133, 127 11/20/2011AMDownload
258Coruage at the Sanhedrin and CaesareaRob ElliottActs 2311/13/2011PMDownload
257Purposeful RejectionRob ElliottRomans 11:11-2411/13/2011AMDownload
256Learning from a TestimonyRob ElliottActs 2211/06/2011PMDownload
25350 Years ... Now What?Brian GarverActs - Selected Scriptures11/06/2011AMDownload
25250th Anniversary ServiceVarious PeopleHistory 1961-201110/30/2011AMDownload
251God's Will: Each Other & SufferingRob ElliottActs 2110/23/2011PMDownload
250What Does Spiritual Maturity Look Like?Neal WintermuteTitus 1: 5-910/23/2011AMDownload
249Titus 1:1-4Neal WintermuteTitus 1:1-410/16/2011PMDownload
247Gods Rejection of Israel is Partial & TemporaryRob ElliottRomans 11:1-1010/16/2011AMDownload
246Raising the Dead & Coaching the Church LeadersRob ElliottActs 2010/09/2011PMDownload
245Messiah Without JoyRob ElliottRomans 10:18-2110/09/2011AMDownload
244Who's Got Your Back?Matt Loehr (Dare to be Different Marriage Ministry)Ecclesiastes 4:9-1210/02/2011AMDownload
243RevivalRob ElliottActs 19-2009/25/2011PMDownload
242Is Israel Guilty of UnbeliefRob ElliottRomans 10:14-1709/25/2011AMDownload
241Prophecy Conference: Why End TimesDr. ShowersSession 109/17/2011AMDownload
238Prophecy Conference: The Rapture of the ChurchDr. ShowersSession 2   |   John 14:2-309/17/2011AMDownload
237Prophecy Conference: The Purposes of the TribulationDr. ShowersSession 309/18/2011AMDownload
236Prophecy Conference: The MillenniumDr. ShowersSession 409/18/2011AMDownload
235What Apostles Did 101Rob ElliottActs 1809/11/2011PMDownload
234Which Kind of RighteousnessRob ElliottRomans 10:1-1309/11/2011AMDownload
233How to Miss RighteousnessRob ElliottRomans 9:30-3309/04/2011AMDownload
232Sovereignty Worked OutRob ElliottRomans 9: 6-2908/21/2011AMDownload
230Weeping WitnessPastor Rob ElliottRomans 9:1-508/14/2011AMDownload
229You're MineRob ElliottRomans 8:31-3908/07/2011AMDownload
228Ups and Downs of a Christian LifeCaleb SalsmanLuke 5:1-1107/24/2011PMDownload
227Interpreting SufferingRob ElliottRomans 8:18-3007/24/2011AMDownload
226The God of Second ChancesTom FoxGenesis 12-13:407/17/2011AMDownload
225The Second Missionary Journey Part 2Rob ElliottActs 1707/10/2011PMDownload
224Sanctification's Key: The Spirit-Controlled LifeRob ElliottRomans 8:1-1707/10/2011AMDownload
223Sanctifications HopeRob ElliottRomans 7:24-2507/03/2011AMDownload
222Sanctifications Outworking: A Shame Part 2Rob ElliottRomans 7:7-2406/26/2011AMDownload
221Practical Principles for Christian ConductBrian GarverJames 206/19/2011AMDownload
220The Second Missionary Journey Part 1Rob ElliottActs 15:36-16:4006/12/2011PMDownload
219Sanctifications Outworking: A Shame Part 1Rob ElliottRomans 7:7-2406/12/2011AMDownload
218Gods Amazing GracePastor Rob ElliottActs 1506/05/2011PMDownload
217James 1Brian GarverJames 106/05/2011AMDownload
216The First Missionary Journey (Part 2)Rob ElliottActs 1405/29/2011PMDownload
215Sanctifications Outworking: A FactRob ElliottRomans 7:1-605/29/2011AMDownload
214The First Missionary Journey (Part 1)Rob ElliottActs 1305/22/2011PMDownload
213Sanctifications PracticeRob ElliottRomans 6:15-2305/22/2011AMDownload
212Columbian Ministry Overview & Q/AsJose Alonso05/15/2011PMDownload
211In Christ: Alive & Flying!Rob ElliottRomans 6:1-1405/15/2011AMDownload
210Herods Persecution of ChristiansRob ElliottActs 1205/08/2011PMDownload
209Ruth 4 Neal WintermuteRuth 405/08/2011AMDownload
208What Our Lord Ate - What Our Lord Fed to OthersRob ElliottLuke 24:13-5304/24/2011AMDownload
207Are You Sleeping?Brian GarverLuke 22:39-4604/17/2011PMDownload
206Justification Extolled & GuaranteedRob ElliottRomans 504/17/2011AMDownload
205Missions Weekend MessageNeil and Cheryl Prentice04/10/2011PMDownload
204Missions Weekend UpdateJeff and Julia Pearson04/10/2011PMDownload
203Missions WeekendMissionary Steve Morad04/10/2011AMDownload
202Christ & CommunionBrian GarverLuke 22:1-3804/03/2011PMDownload
201Justification IllustratedRob ElliottRomans 404/03/2011AMDownload
200Stand in the Way of God?Rob ElliottActs 1103/27/2011PMDownload
199Righteousness & Acquittal - JustificationRob ElliottRomans 3:21-3103/27/2011AMDownload
198Conversions BreadthRob ElliottActs 1003/20/2011PMDownload
197Seeing God in the Ordinary of LifeNeal WintermuteRuth 2:1-23 03/20/2011AMDownload
196The Sirens of Our LifeNeal WintermuteRuth 1:1-1803/13/2011AMDownload
195We All Need a LawyerRob ElliottRomans 3:9-2003/06/2011AMDownload
194Persecuted Out of the NestRob ElliottActs 802/27/2011PMDownload
193Did You Have Your Fingers Crossed? Are Your Hands Tied Behind You Back?Rob ElliottRomans 3:1-802/27/2011AMDownload
192Famous Last Words & World Missions PriorityRob ElliottMalachi 1:11,1402/20/2011AMDownload
191A Sermon & A StoningRob ElliottActs 702/13/2011PMDownload
190Religion Without SalvationRob ElliottRomans 2:17-2902/13/2011AMDownload
189Deacons @ First Martyrs: First Things First.Rob ElliottActs 602/06/2011PMDownload
1883 Principles of Gods JudgementRob ElliottRomans 2:1-1602/06/2011AMDownload
187The Devolution of MankindRob ElliottRomans 1:18-3201/30/2011AMDownload
185The Monument of the GospelRob ElliottRomans 1:16-1701/23/2011AMDownload
184The Manifest Power of Jesus ChristRob ElliottActs 4:1-3701/23/2011PMDownload
183Compassion and Mercy - Miracle and SermonRob ElliottActs 3:1-2601/16/2011PMDownload
182Really Caring (Part 2)Rob ElliottRomans 1:11-1501/16/2011AMDownload
180Really Caring (Part 1)Rob ElliottRomans 1:8-1001/09/2011AMDownload
179The Screaming Priority of the GospelRob ElliottRomans 1:1-701/02/2011AMDownload
178Romans - Paid in Full: An Overview of the EpistleRob ElliottRomans12/26/2010AMDownload
177Christmas AntsRob Elliott2 Corinthians 8:9; 5:20-2112/24/2010AMDownload
176Christmas CantataMBC ChoirSelected Scriptures12/19/2010AMDownload
175"Kenosis" is a "Christmas" Word!Rob ElliottPhilippians 2:1-1112/12/2010AMDownload
174Facebook & The Real YouRob ElliottSelected Scriptures11/28/2010AMDownload
173Bless The Lord O My SoulRob ElliottPsalm 10311/21/2010AMDownload
172What Its All AboutRob ElliottJoshua 2411/14/2010AMDownload
171Peace At Any Price - Catastrophe ComingRob ElliottJoshua 2210/31/2010AMDownload
170Levite Cities - Access to the Binding Word of GodRob ElliottJoshua 2110/24/2010AMDownload
168Salvation is the StoryRob ElliottJoshua 2010/17/2010AMDownload
167Spiritual Lessons from the Division of the Promised Land - Part 2Rob ElliottJoshua 14-1910/10/2010AMDownload
166Spiritual Lessons from the Division of the Promised Land - Part 1Rob ElliottJoshua 14-1910/03/2010AMDownload
165Inheritance Counted - InheritanceRob ElliottJoshua 12 and 1309/26/2010AMDownload
1643 "Totals"Rob ElliottJoshua 11:1-2309/12/2010AMDownload
163Watching the Lord Fight for His PeopleRob ElliottJoshua 1009/05/2010AMDownload
162Failing to Inquire of the LordRob ElliottJoshua 908/29/2010AMDownload
161Gerizim or Ebal?Rob ElliottJoshua 808/22/2010AMDownload
160Fruit: It Does a Body GoodNeal WintermuteGalatians 6:1-1008/15/2010AMDownload
159Ai: When the Blessing StoppedRob ElliottJoshua 708/08/2010AMDownload
158Jericho: The Real ConflictRob ElliottJoshua 608/01/2010AMDownload
157The Lord Breaks ThroughRob ElliottJoshua 507/25/2010AMDownload
154Twelve StonesRob ElliottJoshua 407/18/2010AMDownload
153Matthew 26Tom FoxMatthew 26:36-4607/11/2010AMDownload
152Galatians 5Neal WintermuteGalatians 507/04/2010AMDownload
151Proclaiming Christ CrucifiedDaniel Hogan1 Corinthians 1:10 - 2:506/27/2010AMDownload
150What Legacy Will You Leave?Robert FosterSelected Scriptures06/20/2010AMDownload
149The God of Ravines & Dry LandRob ElliottJoshua 3 06/13/2010AMDownload
148Confessing Gods Control Over AllRob ElliottJoshua 2:1-2406/06/2010AMDownload
147Just Do It!Rob ElliottJoshua 105/30/2010AMDownload
146Who To Call When Youre CalledRob ElliottPsalm 18:305/23/2010AMDownload
145The Cure for ComparisonRob ElliottJohn 21:18-2505/16/2010AMDownload
144A Mothers Touch is ForeverRob ElliottSelected Scriptures05/09/2010AMDownload
143World MissionsPastor Maccine05/02/2010AMDownload
142World MissionsDave Siefert04/24/2010AMDownload
141Women At Risk Part 2WAR International04/18/2010AMDownload
140Women At Risk Part 1WAR International04/18/2010AMDownload
139The Nations as Thine InheritanceRob ElliottPsalm 2:804/18/2010AMDownload
138Arise & Shine: How the Nations Will Come to the Brightness of Our RisingRev Carey Childrey04/11/2010AMDownload
137Who Is It You Are Looking For?Rob ElliottJohn 20:1-3104/04/2010AMDownload
136The Secret of RevivalRob ElliottJohn 21:1-1703/28/2010AMDownload
135Three Thoughts for Us to Consider as We Love Each OtherNeal Wintermute2 John03/21/2010AMDownload
134Take-Aways from Jesus Burial and Empty TombRob ElliottJohn 19:38-20:3103/14/2010AMDownload
133The CrucifixionRob ElliottJohn 19:17-3703/07/2010AMDownload
132Pilate: How to Miscarry Justice (Part 2)Rob ElliottJohn 19:1-1602/28/2010AMDownload
130Pilate: How to Miscarry Justice (Part 1)Rob ElliottJohn 18:28-4002/21/2010AMDownload
129The Rock and Its PromisesBrian Garver02/14/2010AMDownload
128Peter Points: A Well-Intentioned DragonRob ElliottJohn 18:1-2702/07/2010AMDownload
127Chosen People MinistriesDr. Mitch Glaser01/31/2010AMDownload
126Jesus PraysRob ElliottJohn 17:1-2601/24/2010AMDownload
125Hovering JoyRob ElliottJohn 16:1-3301/17/2010AMDownload
124Hated BranchesRob ElliottJohn 15:6-2701/10/2010AMDownload
123Making Disciples Out of ChristiansRob Elliott01/03/2010AMDownload
122IncarnationRob Elliott12/24/2009AMDownload
121Thanksgiving in Heaven (special rerecording)Rob ElliottRevelations 5:9-1211/22/2009AMDownload
120DiscipleshipRob Elliott12/27/2009AMDownload
119Christmas Word: SAVIORRob Elliott12/13/2009AMDownload
118The Lord Gave and the Lord has Taken Away - Blessed be the Name of the LordRob Elliott12/06/2009AMDownload
117Four Essentials We Must Know About Our Salvation and Spiritual GrowthNeal WintermuteGalations 3:1-1411/29/2009AMDownload
116Discipleships Smyrna FaceRob ElliottRevelation 2:8-1111/15/2009AMDownload
115Timeless Materials for Your Lifes PathPastor Bill PepperColossians 4:11/08/2009AMDownload
114Jesus Method for Making DisciplesRob Elliott11/01/2009AMDownload
112Branches: The Secret of the VineRob ElliottJohn 15:1-510/25/2009AMDownload
109From Apples to OrchardsDr. Jim Jeffery10/11/2009AMDownload
108Preparing for the Last JourneyRob ElliottJohn 14:1-610/04/2009AMDownload
107A Closer Look at Loving One AnotherRob ElliottJohn 13:33-3509/27/2009AMDownload
1063 Realities Concerning the True GospelNeal WintermuteGalatians 1:11-2409/20/2009AMDownload
104Love Withheld - Love CommandedRob ElliottJohn 13:18-3809/13/2009AMDownload
103Jesus Washes His Disciples FeetRob ElliottJohn 13:17 09/06/2009AMDownload
102Seeing Jesus - Dying Like A Kernel Of WheatRob ElliottJohn 12:20-2608/30/2009AMDownload
101Thrill-Seeker, Eye-Witness or Arch-Enemy?Rob ElliottJohn 12:12-1908/23/2009AMDownload
100You Will Not Always Have MeRob ElliottJohn 12:1-1208/16/2009AMDownload
99Glad or MadRob ElliottJohn 11:45-5708/09/2009AMDownload
98I Am the Resurrection and the LifeRob ElliottJohn 11:1-4408/02/2009AMDownload
97The Supreme First ResponderRob ElliottLuke 15:1-707/29/2009AMDownload
96The Unbelief of the Jews (More of it)Rob ElliottJohn 10:22-4207/12/2009AMDownload
93Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of HappinessRob Elliott07/05/2009AMDownload
92What to do after the two minute warningRob Elliott06/28/2009AMDownload
91The Transforming Power of ChristNeal Wintermute06/14/2009AMDownload
90Our Good ShepherdRob ElliottJohn 10:1-2105/31/2009AMDownload
89When It Comes to Politics...Rob Elliott05/24/2009AMDownload
88A Tale of Two Mothers - May 10thRob Elliott05/10/2009AMDownload
86World Missions: A Big Enough JobRob Elliott04/19/2009AMDownload
85Resurrection, Christs Authority & ScriptureRob ElliottJohn 2:18-2204/12/2009AMDownload
84The Problem with PeopleRob ElliottMatthew 21:1-1704/05/2009AMDownload
83Blindness: ReligiosityRob ElliottJohn 9:1-4103/29/2009AMDownload
82The children of Abraham - The children of the Devil - The Adopted Children of GodRob ElliottJohn 8:12-5903/22/2009AMDownload
81Caught in AdulteryRob ElliottJohn 8:1-1103/15/2009AMDownload
80The Good Man The Demon-possessed Man The Prophet The Christ The DeceiverRob ElliottJohn 7:1-5303/08/2009AMDownload
79Picnic for 5000 - Water Walk - Bread of Life - DesertionRob ElliottJohn 6:1-7103/01/2009AMDownload
78Burning UpRob ElliottJohn 5:3502/22/2009AMDownload
77The Air-Tight Case for ChristRob ElliottJohn 5:31-4702/15/2009AMDownload
76Jesus AuthorityRob ElliottJohn 5:1-3002/08/2009AMDownload
75A Woman at a Well - An Officials Sick SonRob ElliottJohn 4:1-5401/25/2009AMDownload
74Grace GivingRob Elliott12/28/2008AMDownload
73Revelation, Vindication, AdorationRob ElliottI Timothy 3: 1612/14/2008AMDownload
72The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up...Rob ElliottJohn 3: 8-3611/30/2008AMDownload
71Our Caring, Concoring CreatorRob ElliottPsalm 811/23/2008AMDownload
70Nic at NightRob ElliottJohn 3:1-1611/16/2008AMDownload
69Water to Wine - Workplace to WorshipRob ElliottJohn 2:1-2511/09/2008AMDownload
68Herald - Lamb - First FollowersRob ElliottJohn 1:19-5111/02/2008AMDownload
67Refereeing & ChristRob ElliottJohn 1:1810/26/2008AMDownload
66Avalanche Blessings & ChristRob ElliottJohn 1:15-1710/19/2008AMDownload
65Camping & ChristRob ElliottJohn 1:1410/12/2008AMDownload
64Adoption & ChristRob ElliottJohn 1:12-1310/05/2008AMDownload
63Light on Trial by Jury & Christ Rob ElliottJohn 1:6-1109/21/2008AMDownload
62Eternity & ChristRob ElliottJohn 1:1-509/14/2008AMDownload
61The Game PlanRob ElliottActs 2:4209/07/2008AMDownload
ID Sermon Title Pastor Verse Date AM/PM Download Link